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12/12/2011 - OpenOceans Global represented at Eye on Earth Summit in Dubai.  See the agendahere.  Keynote speech by Bill Clinton. Sylvia EarleJane Goodalland Jack Dangermond are also on the agenda.

Guatamala Shark Attacks
Guatemalan shark attacks attributed in part to blocking rivers where bull sharks spawn. 

Monterey Bay Displays White Shark
Monterey Bay Aquarium has captured a juvenile great white shark and placed it on display in its ocean aquarium.

Ocean Policy and Decisions

U.S. Ocean Policy Listening Sessions
Experts from the National Ocean Council’s 27 Federal agencies and offices have drafted strategic action plans to achieve nine national priority objectives. To obtain feedback, the National Ocean Council has hosted twelve Regional Listening Sessions around the country.


9/18/2013 Deep water cams from Ocean Network Canada go live along with other marine life cams, bringing the total to more than 60 locations on the Ocean Web Camspage.

 9/6/2013 Map of Wyland's 100 Whale Walls goes live

8/4/2013 edition of OpenOceans Global E-Newsletter.

8/4/2013 Shark Week All Year Long map published.

4/13/2013 Great new ocean web cams, new ocean films andnovels, and ocean jobs from the IOC.

3/28/2013 Marine Science Todayfeatures OpenOceans Global.

3/26/2013 La Jolla's Casa Pool Harbor Seal Web Cam now in OpenOceans Global's Web Cam section.

November 2012 International magazine Hydro International publishes from "Fear to Hope"

10/22/2012 October 22, 2013, edition of OpenOceans Global E-Newsletter.
8/8/2012 Open Oceans the blog goes live

8/1/2012 August 1, 2012 edition ofOcean News Briefs.

7/10/2012 The Ocean: An Untaken Leap for Mankind from Air2Air Magazine by Carl Nettleton.

7/1/2012  July 2, 2012 edition of OpenOceans Global's E-Newsletterpublshed.

6/30/2012 Don't miss the great new offerings on the education tab:  tracking tiger sharks, new ocean cams, and the list of aquariumsmoves toward 100.

6/29/2012  A View from Rio+20: Contrast and Consensus on a Global Scale.

  OpenOceans Globalpresentation at United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) as part of Oceans Day..

 Consortium for Ocean Leadership added to jobs page

2/20/2012 Febrary 20, 2012, edition of OpenOceans Global's E-Newsletter published. 

2/13/2012 Check out the new web cam links from Aquarium of the Pacific and the New England Aquarium. 

2/8/2012 San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board honors OpenOceans Global for three years of work resulting in a Recovery Strategy for the watershed.

12/13/2011 Keep checking back as we cover the Eye on Earth Summit. Tweets are on this page or on Twitter.

12/13/2011 Bill Clinton Keynote Speech at Eye on Earth Summit.

12/12/2011 - OpenOceans Global represented at Eye on Earth Summit in Dubai.  See the agendahere.  Keynote speech by Bill ClintonSylvia EarleJane Goodalland Jack Dangermond are also on the agenda.

12/12/2011 OpenOceans Global December 12 E-Newsletter posted

11/1/2011 -  First OpenOceans Global E-Newsletter published.

11/1/2011 - See OpenOceans Global Twitter Feeds on this page.

9/29/2011 - Center for the Environment and National Security.  OpenOceans Global made a presentation called "Using GIS to Bridge the Gap Between Water, Climate, Finance and Other Communities." The presentation focused on how GIS can be used to share multiple perspectives of the same issue in a common format. 

Ocean Jobs Tab is Live.  With the launch of the web site, the Ocean Jobs tab is live ... and with a form allowing viewers to suggest additional job boards to add to the page.

Top 20 Novels and Feature Films.  Because culture is so important, we've added tabs featuring theTop 20 Ocean Novels and Top 20 Ocean Feature Films.  Did we get it right?

10/06/2011 -  Tijuana River Valley Recovery Strategy.  Work continues on development of Tijuana River Valley Recovery Strategy. 


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