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In the fall of 2008, OpenOceans Global began working with the San Diego Regional Water Quality Board to develop a consensus-based process to restore the Tijuana River Valley. The evolution of the collaboration has brought together more than thirty federal, state and local agencies from both the United States and Mexico. Projects will include assessments of how much trash and sediment have accumulated in the valley and where those accumulations are located, conducting a study to determine if sediment in the valley is suitable for beach replenishment, clearing out a clogged channel to reduce risk of flooding, and other important work.

The premises of the Recovery Team are simple:
  • If we can stop new trash and unwanted sediment before it reaches the valley, then we can successfully clean up the valley.
  • If we successfully clean up the valley, then we can successfully restore its hydrology and natural values.
  • If we can restore its hydrology and natural values, then we can successfully address the remaining water quality issues.
For more information about the Tijuana River Valley Recovery Team go to TJ River Team.org.

Thank You Sempra Energy Foundation!
OpenOceans Global's work on the Tijuana River Valley Recovery Team is funded in part by the Sempra Energy Foundation. The Sempra group awarded OpenOceans Global a $50,000 Environmental Champions Grant to continue its work in the valley.