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Are you a person working to solve the ocean plastic crisis?

Members of the Experts and Leaders group can login here

The experts and leaders site is private web page with a login required. It is intended to be a place where experts and leaders can share their work in hopes of creating an international community that is self-supporting and working to solve ocean plastic issues.

Who can join?

  • Experts are those individuals who are studying and analyzing the ocean plastic issue. Their research can be biological, chemical, political, regulatory or other discipline that can contribute to understanding the problem and/or implementing solutions.
  • Leaders are those individuals who lead efforts at any level, whether it be a beach cleanup or a major legislative advocacy effort. Leaders implement the solutions and the actions identified by the experts, leaders and others.

The benefits of the site include:

  • Directory. Search for ocean plastic experts and leaders
  • Forums. Collaborate in various forums
  • Blogs. Submit a blog post and read those from others
  • Newsletters. Receive news about work other experts and leaders are doing
  • Plastic Source Tracing.Work with an experimental plastic source tracing map tool
  • Wiki. Post authenticated and helpful information help shape this common resources

The Experts and Leaders site page will not be available to the public, but only to those who have been given a login.

Nominate an ocean plastic expert or leader to join our network

At OpenOceans Global we intend to unify and empower communities of experts, influencers, stakeholders and others working on the ocean plastic and trash crisis around the world.

If you know of a leader or expert working on ocean plastic on beaches and coastal areas in your community or a national or international expert, we would like to have that person in our network.

Experts and leaders have access to others in the network via LinkedIn access. Even that contact information is only available to others in the network, not to those who see this public website. To apply for access to the network or to nominate someone, please fill out the application below. Thank you!

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