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Live Ocean Web Cams!

Click the blue arrow on the image to watch the Blue Cavern web cam at the Aquarium of the Pacific.  To see more than 60 web cams, visit our Ocean Web Cam page!


The Best Five Minutes of Ocean Video

We think this TED talk by David Gallo from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute called "Underwater Astonishments" is the most fun five minutes ever recorded.  You might recognize David from his CNN interviews regarding Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. For more great video talks go to our Video Voices page.

Tracking and Visualizing Marine Life

All over the world researchers are tagging and tracking marine life to learn about their movements. This video shows the tagging procedure on a white shark conducted by Ocearch. Visit our Marine Life Tracking page for links to the best of the marine tracking visualizations.

Great Marine Aquariums of the World

The great marine aquariums of the world provide understanding of the ocean second only to being out on the water. Aquariums like the Monterey Bay Aquarium with its Open Sea Cam (pictured - click on the arrow for a live feed) are found globally.  Go to our Aquarium page to see an ever-growing list.

Top 20 Ocean Novels 

The ocean has been the subject or primary setting of numerous novels. At OpenOceans Global, we want to celebrate those works of literature with a Top 20 list of ocean novels and a whole bunch more. Go to the Top 20 Ocean Novels page to see the list and lik to a description of each work.

Top 20 Ocean Feature Films
Finding Nemo
Public perceptions about the ocean are shaped, in part, by what we learn from general media sources.  Check out the Top 20 Ocean Feature Films page, read the summaries, link to the trailers and see how the general public might perceive the ocean as a result.

Ocean Games
Sea Otter Challenge
Games and online interactive tools make learning about the ocean fun. We've just started our Ocean Games page. These links come from respected ocean research and education organizations. Do you know of others?

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News and Updates

Updated ocean news and links to ocean news sources can be found on our Ocean News page. 

Founding Partners
OpenOceans Globals thanks our founding partners for their initial and continuing support of our efforts.  These three organizations are world-class in each of their areas of operation and their initial support helps to underscore the importance of OpenOceans Global's mission.  Please see this area in the future for additional founding partners.

National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Aquarium of the Pacific

Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the U.S. Geological Survey's Science Impact Collaborative (MUSIC)

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World Ocean Day 2014
OpenOceans Global Celebrates
These Ocean Heroes


Jack Dangermond
Jack DangermondJack is being honored by the Aquarium of the Pacific with the prestigious Ocean Conservation Award on June 14.  The founder of Esri, Jack Dangermond has been a pioneer in using data to create a better future.

Captain Charlie Moore
Charlie MooreCharlie was honored with the Peter Benchley Ocean Hero of the Sea Award on May 30 at the Blue Frontier Award Dinner.  Capt. Moore founded the Algalita Marine Research Institute in 1994 after discovering “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.”

Jack DangermondWyland has dedicated his life to sharing the beauty of the ocean through his art. OpenOceans Global honors him by creating a map and links to images of his 100 whale walls found across the world.

Greg MacGillivray
Greg MacGillivrayGreg is honored by OpenOceans Global for his groundbreaking video work around ocean subjects.  In recognition of his success, we have created a map showing the primary locations of his ocean and ocean-related films.

It's Shark Week All Year at OpenOceans Global!

Photo Credit: ©Carl Roessler "Maddened Attack" 

Click on the image of the shark and go to our Shark Week map to link to shark attack videos, shark tracking visualizations, and much more!

Bringing the Ocean World to You
At OpenOceans Global, we intend to build an international ocean community that cuts across all sectors of ocean use, protection, management, and research. The globe below provides an ever-growing measure of that community.  Each dot represents the origination of site visitors.  We invite you to explore our web site, utilize the tools available to provide additional information to help us better link you and other visitors to the ocean world.