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The ocean has fascinated novelists throughout time. One only has to think about Robinson Crusoe stranded on an island to Moby Dick and the hunt for the great white whale to appreciate the intensity that the ocean has brought to the world’s great writers. This section of the portal will bring you the some of the best ocean novels of all time and many more! The list below is only to get us started. At some point we will conduct an online poll and see which novels you think belong in the top 20!

The novels listed on this page are not intended to be comprehensive. If you have suggestions for ocean novels that we should add to the list, please let us know by filling out the form at the bottom of this page!

20000 Leagues Under the Sea.jpga_salty_piece_of_land1-1.png billy_budd-1.jpg canneryrow1-1.png carribean_5yt9_1p12-1.png chesapeake21-1.png dead-calm-mid1-1.png

deep_fathom_new_pb01-1.png hawaiinovel1-1.png hunt_for_red_october_3.jpg jaws_novel_cover1-1.png Ninety-Two in the Shade.jpg moby-dick_fe_title_page1_v05v-1.png mutinyonthebounty1-1.png

oldmansea1-1.png robinson_crusoe-1.jpg tales_of_the_south_pacific_michener1-1.png the_pearl-1.jpg the_reef-1.jpg typee2-1.jpg

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