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Find solutions to the ocean plastic crisis

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All around the world, people are working to solve the ocean plastic crisis. Sometimes their efforts make national or international news, so the solution is known widely. More often, those solutions are found by others randomly - popping up accidently in a Google search for something else, at a conference, or even by word-of-mouth.

The best solutions should be known by everyone working on the ocean plastic crisis.

This section of OpenOceans Global website is a place to curate the best known solutions and emerging ideas under a number of categories. Please share this site, let us know what you think, and use this link to share solutions you believe should be universally known by others. Click on the categories in the column on the left to see a list of solutions in that category.

Solutions listed are solely based on the best judgement of OpenOceans Global. We receive no remuneration or benefit of any kind from the owners of these solutions.

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