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Some useful, fun and accurate information about the world's oceans!

OpenOceans Global has collected a number of ocean resources that we hope will be of use to students, teachers, ocean users and the general public. Please find them listed below.

Ocean Info: Links to various sources of ocean information, including:

Ocean Culture: Links to examples of ocean culture, including:

Past OOG (OpenOceans Global) Projects

  • Shark Week. In the past, OpenOceans Global conducted a campaign "Every week is Shark Week at OpenOceans Global." The idea was to play off the Discovery Channel's Shark Week promotion by mapping places to see shark attack videos, tracking and visualizations, and shark research.
  • Blue Carbon Project. To demonstrate how carbon habitats could be mapped to create a community, OpenOceans Global implemented the mapping and icongraphy necessary to show how such a process could build that community.
  • Tijuana River Valley Recovery Team.To develop a consensus-based process to restore the Tijuana River Valley, OpenOceans Global brought together more than thirty federal, state and local agencies from both the United States and Mexico and managed this recovery team for three years.

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