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The ocean is in a
state of emergency

Experts focused on real solutions wanted.

We call upon local communities, experts and influencers to work together to find solutions to these crises, starting with plastics.

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Stop ocean trash at its source

Uncontained trash from ten rivers contribute 90 percent of plastics to the global ocean.

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Plastic and other trash accumulates on beaches around the world. To solve this crisis, we need to identify fouled beaches and the common sources of the problem.

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The Interceptor. Plastic Pollution

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Goat Canyon Sediment Basin

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Water Wheel, Newport Beach

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Eliminating plastic bags and straws is a start. Real progress is made when the sources of trash found on beaches and coastal areas are identified and experts collaborate to stop the flows.


tons of plastic go into the ocean each year

The real solutions to this
are not being addressed


of ocean plastic comes from five countries

The solution to the crisis is stopping
trash at its source


rivers account for 90% of ocean plastics

the solution to the crisis is stopping
trash at its source

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