Solving ocean crises by unifying and empowering global communities!sm

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We've created a collaborative hub for experts and leaders working to solve the ocean plastic crisis.

Experts and Leaders member login.

The experts and leaders collaborative hub requires a login.  It is a place where experts and leaders can meet and work together to solve ocean plastic issues.

Who can join?

  • Experts are individuals studying and analyzing the ocean plastic issue. Their research can be biological, chemical, political, regulatory or other disciplines that contribute to understanding the problem and/or implementing solutions.
  • Leaders are those individuals who lead efforts to implement solutions to the ocean plastic crisis

Apply or nominate an ocean plastic expert or leader.

Please review the qualifications to be accepted into the experts and leaders network, and then complete the application.

Benefits of joining the experts and leaders hub.

The Experts and Leaders hub is not available to the public. The benefits include:

  • Directory. A place to search for ocean plastic experts and leaders.
  • Talk Space. A virtual video environment for informal and formal discussions.
  • Share Space. A virtual environment to communicate in a chat format and to share and store documents in real time using Slack.
  • Blog. Submit a blog post and read those posted by others.
  • Newsletters. Receive news about work other experts and leaders are doing (coming soon).
  • Plastic Source Tracing. Work with an experimental plastic source tracing map tool.
  • Wiki. Post and read authenticated and helpful information.

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