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Chemicals and Polymers of Concern – a Plastic Treaty Priority
One of the proposed core objectives of the international plastic treaty is “banning, phasing out, and/or reducing the production, consumption, and use of chemicals and polymers of concern” found in plastics. A Read more...
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UN plastic treaty core objectives categorized
OpenOceans Global analyzed the 12 proposed core objectives into the following four categories to simplify and focus this important international work. Read more...
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Infrastructure use of plastic waste is promising but challenging
An in-depth look at how plastic waste can be recycled for use in transportation infrastructure. The results show promise, but a number of challenges must be overcome before progress can be made. Read more...
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UN Plastic Treaty Negotiations - Three Key Conflicts Emerge
Industry groups at the talks “expressed optimism that the session made progress. Some environmental groups agreed but noted that oil-producing countries and fossil fuel industries were trying to weaken the treaty Read more...
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Press Release: Mapping from Source to Sea to Stem the Flow of Marine Plastic
OpenOceans Global today announced the publication of a white paper designed to be a useful resource to the United Nations International Plastic Treaty negotiations currently underway in Paris, France. Read more...

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