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Can aluminum cans replace plastic bottles?
Why not reduce the plastic supply chain for beverages and expand the aluminum supply chain? Read more...
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Plastic Treaty Update: Negotiations devolve into either/or narratives
As the third round of negotiations for the United Nations international plastic treaty ended in Nairobi, Kenya, on November 19, 2023, outgoing negotiation chair Gustavo Adolfo Meza-Cuadra Velasquez said: “Much remains to be done both in narrowing down our differences and in developing technical work to inform our negotiations.” Read more...
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Plastic Recycling and Wish-Cycling: Myths and Facts
Misconceptions surrounding plastic recycling abound. In this blog, we explore some of these myths and answer wish-cycling conundrums. Read more...
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Chemicals and Polymers of Concern – a Plastic Treaty Priority
One of the proposed core objectives of the international plastic treaty is “banning, phasing out, and/or reducing the production, consumption, and use of chemicals and polymers of concern” found in plastics. A Read more...
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UN plastic treaty core objectives categorized
OpenOceans Global analyzed the 12 proposed core objectives into the following four categories to simplify and focus this important international work. Read more...

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