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Eye on Earth Summit 2015 to Bring Together Environmental Data

September 4, 2015


The EnvironmRazan Al Mubarakent Agency Abu Dhabi, led by Secretary General Razan Kalifa Al Mubarak (left) is hosting the Eye on Earth Summit (EOE) in Abu Dhabi from October 5-8, 2015. This second international EOE gathering brings together 650 people from around the globe to discuss how to bring together environmental data in a way that will make it useful for informing decision- making about issues facing the planet, both globally and locally.

The first Summit in 2011 led to the development of the visionary EoE Declaration and its 14 guiding principles, which form the foundation of all EoE work. It was endorsed by 48 countries (16 countries plus 32 European Environment Agency member countries).

Eight Special Initiatives were chosen & committed to. The Special Initiatives address major environmental issues and are categorized into five thematic and three foundational initiatives.

OpenOceans Global has been active on Eye on Oceans and Blue Carbon Initiative, serving on that initiative’s guiding committee. OpenOceans President Carl Nettleton is moderating a panel at the 2015 EOE Summit entitled “The Role of Mapping and Joint Fact-finding in Efficiently Creating Community.” The session will look at how increased understanding of the role of data and mapping can support joint fact finding. According to the Summit organizers, having distinct groups/people come together towards one common cause/action can be an efficient means towards creating an active and engaged society.

Photo credits: Eye on Earth


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